Modem 6 acoustic modems are a cost-effective solution for simple point-to-point data transfer from a wide range of sensors including, data loggers, ADCPs, CTDs and other subsea instruments. It’s therefore ideal for applications such as: near real time data streaming, data harvesting or subsea command and control. Built around our field-proven 6G hardware and Wideband 2 acoustic signal platforms, operating at speeds between 200 and 9,000 bps, you can be assured of reliable communications performance, whatever your application, water depth or duration of deployment.


Modem 6 acoustic modems are aimed at simple applications, which do not require the more complex functions of our core 6G range, such as precise positioning, on-board sensors or complex multi-node array telemetry. If you need any of these capabilities and/or an OEM solution, please get in touch so that we can identify the right solution for your project.


We offer a variety of acoustic Modem 6 to suit any operational deployment scenario and data transfer mission. You can mount them on a variety of platforms ranging from seafloor installations to an AUV and transmit sensor or platform status data between instruments or to a surface buoy or vehicle.


Our family of underwater Modem 6 instruments benefit from same mechanics and electronics you’ll find in our other 6G transponders. These are trusted by leading offshore operators to perform in the most demanding marine environments and operational scenarios. With 6G at their heart, they are also compatible with our other 6G systems, such as Ranger 2 USBL family.

Sub-Mini Underwater Acoustic Modem 6 Modem 6 Sub-Mini
Available in 1,000 metre depth rated housing. Offers excellent horizontal, shallow and deep performance. Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 35 days standby.
• MF omni and directional
• On/Off switch for storage
• 24 V dc external power input

Modem 6 Mini
Available in 3,000 metre depth rated housing. With its integrated li-ion battery and isolated external power supply, Mini is most suitable for vehicles.
• MF and LMF (option) transducers
• RS232 serial interface
• 24/48 V dc isolated external power input
• External IO control
• OEM option

Modem 6 Standard
Similar to a Modem 6 Mini but with larger battery pack options enables deployment for years or even decades. • Alkaline and lithium battery options
• Wide range of housing materials available
• High energy 100 Ahr battery pack
• MF/LMF omni and directional transducers
• External power input and output
• 3,000/5,000/7,000 metre housings