Modem Micro provides a reliable and cost-effective method of wirelessly transferring your underwater sensor data in real-time.

The unit is compact, easy-to-mount and suitable for recovering data from a wide range of sensors including; current profilers, temperatures, depth and custom instrumentation.

Underwater Acoustic Modem Micro

It is available with a choice of battery packs depending on the required deployment duration, or can be supplied with no battery, enabling you to connect it directly to your own subsea power source.

If you wish to fully integrate Modem Micro into your instrument package, an OEM kit (PCB and remote transducer) is available.

All Modem Micro products utilise Sonardyne Wideband® signal processing. This technology is field proven and provides you with unprecedented levels of robustness and flexibility in challenging acoustic environments.

Modem Micros are able to sense their environment and intelligently adapt their configuration to ensure your data is transferred in each direction as fast and as reliably as possible.

The simple serial interface allows the user to acoustically ‘pair’ any two Modem Micros and then use them as a seamless data link similar to a serial cable connection.

Adaptive data rate and acoustic power control techniques ensure the maximum achievable transfer rate is maintained for all acoustic conditions. Data transfer rates range from 9,000 bps down to 200 bps depending on the environment.

Advanced communication protocols and intelligent data packet stitching ensure latency is minimised and data is delivered error free.