Modem 6 acoustic modems are designed to wirelessly transfer sensor data from subsea to the surface at speeds between 200 and 9,000 bps. Built around our field-proven 6G hardware and Wideband 2 acoustic signal platforms, the technology found inside each acoustic Modem 6 instrument has safely transferred many gigabytes of clients’ data, so whatever your application, and whatever the water depth, you can be assured of reliable communications performance.


We offer sub-surface, OEM (no housing) and surface-deployed modems to suit any operational deployment scenario and data transfer mission. You can mount them on seafloor instruments, in an AUV, suspended from a surface buoy or in the hull of an unmanned surface vehicle, and leave them for days, months or years. Uniquely, Modem 6 instruments can be upgraded to offer positioning and navigation capability (e.g. LBL and USBL positioning) if your operational needs become more complex.

Surface Deployed Acoustic Modem 6 Options

Pairs of matching Modems 6 instrument can be used to send and receive your data. However we also offer a range of dedicated surface-deployed modems which can be installed permanently through the hull of your survey vessel, over-the-side of a vessel of opportunity or in the payload of an unmanned surface platform. These are optimised for maximum physical protection, communication range and support the highest data telemetry transfer rates.

Modem 6 Transceiver
Offers ultimate performance. Excellent vessel noise rejection and multiple receivers ensure the highest data rates possible. Can be upgraded to a Ranger 2 USBL transceiver • Proven 11 km+ range capable

• Optimised for noisy environments
• Ideal for permanent vessel fit
• Surface system kit: SIU, cable drum, cage

Modem 6 Dunker
Available in MF and LMF, omni and directional, the Modem 6 Dunker is a rugged easy-to-mount instrument designed for excellent horizontal and shallow water communication

• Up to 9000 bps true user data rate
• Shock mounted electronics
• MF/LMF omni or directional transducers
• Rugged, easy to mount housing

Modem 6 Mini-Dunker
The Mini-Dunker offers protection from knocks and bumps during operations

• Perfect for small vessels
• RS485 comms interface
• Surface system kit: Mini-Dunker, SIU and cable