Please be aware that our Scout product family, which includes this Surface Command Unit, has been superseded with Micro-Ranger 2 USBL.

what we said at the time

The Type 8039 Surface Command Unit (SCU) is a portable command unit with integrated PC, sensor interface and rechargeable battery pack incorporated in a splash-proof case. The SCU 2 has been upgraded with; a faster processor, more memory, solid state hard drive, a heat exchanger, Li-Ion battery packs, improved chassis and a LED backlit screen which provides a bright and crisp display even in sunlight.

The SCU 2 incorporates all the features of a rack mounted Surface Interface Unit (SIU), supplying power and communications to the transceiver.
Being completely portable enables operation of Scout and Scout Plus systems independently from almost any type of boat in the rain, tropical heat and snow.

The Scout software has been designed to be very easy and intuitive to operate with only basic user training required. Features include Wizards and Tools that guide an operator through the process of planning a job and configuring transponders in preparation for tracking.

The User Interface shares a common look and feel with Sonardyne’s latest generation of Ranger software products thereby ensuring operator familiarity when switching between products.