Deep marine seismic operations involve vessels towing multiple long, hydrophone arrays in a wide spread. The challenge this presents is to maintain positioning accuracy in the acoustically hostile conditions created by the ship’s wake and vast array of air bubbles from the seismic airguns and for the acoustic equipment to survive in the high shock environments. Sonardyne’s second generation Seismic Integrated Positioning System (SIPS 2) meets these challenges through a combination of digital and tone acoustic ranging techniques to provide full streamer positioning.

SIPS 2 is Sonardyne’s market-leading seismic source and streamer positioning system designed to meet the operational requirements of deep marine survey vessels towing long, dense arrays.

A typical SIPS 2 system comprises of acoustic positioning transceivers attached to each streamer, source and tailbuoy, through-hull transducer, an onboard transceiver controller rack and a dedicated navigation computer running the SIPS 2 software.