SensorView is a subsea sensor data monitoring software application used with Sonardyne’s 6G product range.

SensorView applications include the monitoring of lowering/attitude, rate of decent, buoyancy tank and differential depth.

A user-friendly interface that does not require a specialist operator allows fast and easy access to sensor data collected by Sonardyne’s subsea products.

SensorView makes use of the advanced diagnostic capabilities of Sonardyne’s 6G products to allow automatic optimisation of power and gain levels. This maintains optimal quality of acoustic telemetry.

Graphical time-plots and bubble/heading displays offer visual representation of all available data.

Data can be output via serial telegrams. Most common telegram formats are supported, as well as a custom option to allow the user to create a telegram of their own desired format.

An import tool offers the ability to add transponder information gathered by an iWand. Connection to the iWand can be via Bluetooth, USB or serial connection.

SensorView supports the new ‘multiple reply’ functionality now available to 6G subsea products. This allows sensor updates at a rate greater than 1 per second, dependent on acoustic conditions.

SensorView supports Sonardyne’s Lodestar GyroCompatt 6 to provide subsea Attitude and Heading reference.