Please be aware that our Scout product family, which includes this Scout USBL transceiver, has been superseded with Micro-Ranger 2 USBL.

what we said at the time

The Scout USBL transceiver is a portable, vessel-mounted acoustic transmitter and receiver designed for use with Sonardyne’s family of Scout Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic positioning systems.

The transceiver interrogates subsea transponders attached to targets being tracked (ROVs, divers, towfish), receives their replies and calculates the range, bearing and declination to determine the relative x,y,z position from the vessel. Depending upon the type of Scout system; Scout, Scout Plus or Scout Pro, up to 10 subsea targets can be tracked simultaneously.

Constructed in Aluminium Bronze, the transceiver offers excellent corrosion resistance making it suitable for long term deployment.A lightweight Aluminium alloy version is also available for applications where weight is an operational factor.Power and communications are provided by a subsea connector.

Scout transceivers are typically deployed from a rigid pole mounted to the side of the vessel. When a permanent installation is required, the transceiver can be fitted to a through-hull deployment machine. Sonardyne offers options on both over-the-side and through-hull deployment arrangements.

Click here for information on Sonardyne’s range of USBL deployment machines.

All USBL systems need to remove the huge effects of vessel motion. To do this they use heading, pitch and roll motion sensors on the vessel.Scout transceivers are equipped with an integrated motion sensor that automatically compensate for the dynamic motion of the vessel.For higher accuracy applications, external reference sensors can be used with Scout Plus and Scout Pro.

During installation and storage on or off the vessel, the transducer array is protected with a sliding guard. This is raised prior to deployment.