Modem 6 OEM – Underwater Communication

Modem 6 OEM underwater communication instruments are supplied without a subsea housing, providing you with the flexibility to integrate our electronics and acoustic transducer with your own sensor packages, seafloor equipment or unmanned vehicle. Other than that, Modem 6 OEMs offer the same levels of data transfer performance as our standard sub-surface range of modems.

When integrating any OEM equipment for the first time, there are many aspects you need to consider. For acoustic modems this includes: power supply, electronics mounting, transducer orientation and communication interfaces. To support you, Modem 6 OEMs come with an integration guide that tells you everything you need to know about installing and configuring your Sonardyne acoustic modem and optimising performance in different conditions.

Modem 6 OEM – underwater communication OPTIONS

Our family of Modem 6 OEM underwater instruments benefit from same mechanics and electronics you’ll find in our range of USBL and LBL positioning transponders. These are trusted by leading offshore energy, ocean science and naval customers to perform in the most demanding marine environments, shallow or deep, and all operational scenarios.

Modem 6 Nano OEM Modem 6 Nano OEM

The size of a credit card for those times when size really does matter. Requires external power and housing within your own instrumentation. Supplied with a remote MF omni-directional transducer.
• 88 mm long x 56 mm wide
• RS232 interface
• 12/20 V dc input
• 995 m typical operating range

Modem 6 Mini OEM Modem 6 Mini OEM
For integration into your subsea housings. Used in long range and/or in high noise applications. Available with remote transducers in both MF and LMF frequency bands.
• Omni or directional transducers
• RS232 interface
• 24/48 V dc isolated external power input
• Optional OEM li-ion battery
• 3,000/6,000 m typical  operating range