Our HPT 2000 Ethernet interfaced HF transceiver is ideal for seismic survey positioning and supports Sonardyne’s Transition Zone – Ocean Bottom Cable (TZ/OBC). Its multiple simultaneous channels enable robust tracking of up to 9 TZ/OBC beacons.

This smaller HPT offers significant improvements for seismic survey positioning in coastal and near shore operations where high elevation tracking is required in low noise environments.

The advanced multi-element processing enables transponders to be positioned more precisely, more quickly and more robustly due to improvements in signal processing algorithms. When used as part of a complete Mini-Ranger 2 USBL system, heading and inertial navigation sensor, class leading performance is achieved. 

The integral MTi-30 Xsens sensor provides pitch, roll and heading data that automatically compensates for the dynamic motion of the vessel, removing the need for an external sensor and pre-use calibration.

Manufactured in Aluminium Bronze, the HPT 2000 is intended to be fitted temporarily or permanently to a vessel’s through-hull or over-the-side pole.

The full hemispherical coverage optimises performance in shallow water environments boosting transmissions and receive sensitivity in the horizontal axis.

Ethernet connectivity enables the system to function over existing ship network wiring for rapid installation.