Homer-Pro is now obsolete and no longer available for purchase.

Homer-Pro enables divers to quickly and easily relocate targets in low and zero visibility from over 750 metres distance. By using small acoustic transponders to mark points for target relocation, for example, wrecks and pipelines, a diver can swim directly to a location, thereby reducing wasted dive time.

Homer-Pro comprises of a diver held relocation device and low cost marker transponders which are deployed at the target locations. Each transponder has its own unique ‘address’ code, enabling a number of targets in a small area to be marked and relocated unambiguously. When the diver wishes to relocate an object fitted with a transponder, he switches on his handheld unit and selects the address of the transponder he wishes to relocate. The diver’s unit then sends out an interrogation signal to the transponder selected. If the transponder is in acoustic range of the diver’s unit then it will automatically reply. From the reply the diver’s unit calculates the distance in metres and direction to the transponder. The range and direction information is displayed to the diver enabling him to be guided directly towards the object.

A diver changes the address of the transponder he wishes to home to by using a single push button switch. To save time in switching between targets, the diver’s unit can be pre-programmed with only the addresses of the transponders that are likely to be encountered during the dive. The diver’s unit contains a Ni-MH battery which must be charged before diving.

Designed for commercial and amateur divers, Homer-Pro can also be used as a cost-effective survey tool for accurately measuring distances of up to 750 metres.