The Gyro Compatt 6 Positioning Transponder integrates Sonardyne’s Wideband® 2 acoustic positioning and Lodestar Attitude and Heading Reference Sensor (AHRS) in one small, highly versatile and robust instrument. This provides high update rate wireless attitude, heading, heave, surge, sway, pressure, SV and acoustic positioning of any subsea object.

Compatible with USBL and LBL positioning systems, the Gyro Compatt 6 product family provides real time motion data for structure deployment via the integrated high speed acoustic modem.

The internal high capacity rechargeable battery pack enables quick charge times and up to 20 hours of continuous operation with the ability to turn the gyro on and off to save battery life giving over two months of transponder life. The instrument is small and light enough to be ROV installed and a mechanical stab enables precision alignment to any structure.


Structure position and orientation can be accurately determined during lowering, set-down and as-built surveys. Using the Gyro Compatt 6 for metrology delivers the measurements required for pipe-end coupling.

The stab, gyro and transducer are pre-aligned and this speeds up spot measurements as only single observations are required.

Autonomous logging negates the need for a vessel and ROV to be on standby taking measurement during long term settlement observations.

Modular construction allows for upgrade and service access to the transponder module.