Our Deep Water Beacon has been designed for low cost applications where a compact design is an important operational factor but where deep water operation is required.

The Deep Water Beacon enables critical targets such as underwater structures, diving bells and instrumentation packages to be marked unambiguously and later relocated using our Homer-Pro and ROV-Homer range and direction systems.

The Deep Water Beacon operates in the HF frequency band from 35–55 kHz. External programming of interrogation address and reply frequencies are incorporated.

The transponders operate with Sonardyne’s diver hand-held range and direction device Homer-Pro and ROV-Homer for use on Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). The diver’s/ROV’s unit interrogates the transponder to be relocated (specified by the diver or ROV pilot) and from the reply, determines both the range and direction of the transponder.

The compact design of the transponders enable normal or emergency relocation of points of interest, underwater distance measurement and small target and diver tracking.