The Deck Test Unit is a fully portable, splash proof transponder test unit, designed for the harsh environment of the back deck.

The Deck Test Unit is capable of transmitting and receiving both Sonardyne Wideband® and Tone acoustic signals in order to test the MF Compatt 5’s, DPT’s and WSM’s functionality.

It’s the primary test equipment platform for Sonardyne and other acoustic instruments, both on deck and in the workshop.

Ranging, acoustic command function and the release mechanism can all be tested prior to deployment, using just the test transducer.

Using a serial connection to the Compatt 5 or DPT, the DTU extracts all the transponder settings needed to be able to test the unit, simplifying the testing operation.

A WSM responder test capability exists when connected via a serial test lead to the transponder.

The DTU is battery powered and environmentally protected to IP65 and is therefore suitable for operation in most conditions.

The LCD display is designed for reading in sunlight and is back-lit for use in low-light conditions.

Its rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery lasts for at least eight hours of normal testing.

Initially programmed to perform acoustic and cable-connected tests on Compatt 5, DPT and WSM, the DTU firmware can be upgraded to cover other acoustic instruments and additional functionality.

An internal Flash memory card allows the DTU and transponder manuals to be read via USB connection to a PC.