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  • 6G Battery App

    6G Battery Life Estimator App

  • WRT 6 - Release Transponder

    Acoustic Release Transponder – USBL (WRT 6)

    • Use it to lift, lower and track subsea structures
    • Works with Ranger 2 and third party USBLs 
    • Working Load Limit 1,275 kg
  • ams

    Autonomous Monitoring System

    • Recommended for long endurance surveys
    • Up to six years continuous deployment 
    • Recover your data with a ship, AUV or ASV
  • Long BaseLine

    Autonomous Monitoring Transponder (AMT)

    • Recommended for long endurance site surveys 
    • Leave it deployed for six years or more
    • Extensive choice of monitoring sensors 
  • avtrack 6 product

    AvTrak 6 – AUV Tracking & Communications

    • Suggested for 12 and 21 inch class AUVs 
    • 3-in-1 instrument; USBL transponder, LBL transceiver and modem
    • Low power and easy to install
  • Compatt 6 LBL Transponder

    Compatt 6 LBL Transponder

    • Works with all 6G LBL and USBL systems
    • Used for all survey and construction tasks
    • Versatile, flexible and cost-effective
  • LBL and Telemetry Transceiver

    Dunker 6 LBL and Telemetry Transceiver

    • Perfect for commanding LBL transponders 
    • Use it to recover data from Fetch and AMTs
    • Deploy it over-the-side of your vessel
  • Dynamic Positioning Transponder 6

    Dynamic Positioning Transponder 6 (DPT 6)

    • Compatible with HPR4000 systems
    • Up to 7,000 metre depth rating
    • Advanced multi-user/multi-vessel capability
  • Fusion 6G Long BaseLine Positioning (LBL) System

    Fusion 6G Long BaseLine Positioning (LBL) System

    • Suitable for any subsea construction and survey
    • Millimetre precision independent of water depth
    • Low risk and proven; global track record of success