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  • Long BaseLine

    Autonomous Monitoring Transponder (AMT)

    • Recommended for long endurance site surveys 
    • Leave it deployed for six years or more
    • Extensive choice of monitoring sensors 
  • BlueComm 200

    BlueComm 200 – Wireless Underwater Video and Vehicle Control

    • 2.5 to 12.5 Mbps at ranges up to 150 metres
    • Suitable for moderate to low turbidity dark water, (>200 m depth or night-time) applications
    • Data recovery by AUV, ROV or surface deployed dunker system
  • Compatt 6 LBL Transponder

    Compatt 6 LBL Transponder

    • Works with all 6G LBL and USBL systems
    • Used for all survey and construction tasks
    • Versatile, flexible and cost-effective
  • LBL and Telemetry Transceiver

    Dunker 6 LBL and Telemetry Transceiver

    • Perfect for commanding LBL transponders 
    • Use it to recover data from Fetch and AMTs
    • Deploy it over-the-side of your vessel
  • Fetch Subsea Sensor Logging Node

    Fetch – Subsea Sensor Logging Node

    • Popular for environmental monitoring 
    • Long life – up to 10 years battery life
    • Easy to deploy, easy to recover 
  • HPT 5000 and 7000 USBL Positioning Transceiver

    HPT 5000 and 7000 USBL Positioning and Telemetry Transceiver

    • Use it with Ranger 2 USBL and Marksman LUSBL
    • Can also be used to harvest data from AMTs, Fetch, PIES…
    • Hemispherical or directional arrays to suit your vessel
  • Sensorview - Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    Sensorview – Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    • Streams data from your 6G instruments 
    • Perfect for structure monitoring applications 
    • Configurable displays; see what you want to see
  • Underwater Acoustic Modems

    Underwater Acoustic Modem Micro

    • Recommended for simple data retrieval projects
    • Low cost and simple to configure 
    • Delivers up to 9,000 bps user data rate
  • Wave Glider Transceiver thumb

    Wave Glider Transceiver (WGT)

    • Provides acoustic link to Sonardyne subsea instruments
    • Enables direct remote data collection, monitoring and control from shore based Wave Glider operations centre
    • Installed in Wave Glider standard aft payload space