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  • avtrack 6 product

    AvTrak 6 – AUV Tracking & Communications

    • Suggested for 12 and 21 inch class AUVs 
    • 3-in-1 instrument; USBL transponder, LBL transceiver and modem
    • Low power and easy to install
  • LBL and Telemetry Transceiver

    Dunker 6 LBL and Telemetry Transceiver

    • Perfect for commanding LBL transponders 
    • Use it to recover data from Fetch and AMTs
    • Deploy it over-the-side of your vessel
  • GyroiUSBL - Long layback tracking

    GyroiUSBL – Long layback tracking

    • Designed to work with Ranger 2 USBL 
    • Tracks your deep tow vehicle beyond 10,000 metres 
    • Integrated USBL transceiver and SPRINT INS in one
  • GyroUSBL - High Precision Acoustic Positioning

    GyroUSBL – High Precision Acoustic Positioning

    • The perfect Ranger 2 transceiver for vessels-of-opportunity
    • 6G transceiver and Lodestar AHRS in one instrument
    • Available in standard and deep water optimised configurations 
  • Target Relocation

    Homer-Pro Diver Target Relocation

    • Guides you straight back to underwater targets
    • Easy to use and saves dive time
    • Compatible with Association of Offshore Diving Contractors (AODC) transponders
  • HPT 3000 USBL Tracking Transceiver

    HPT 3000 USBL Tracking Transceiver

    • Use it with Mini-Ranger 2 
    • Perfect for shallow water USBL tracking 
    • Easy to deploy on temporary over-the-side set ups
  • HPT 5000 and 7000 USBL Positioning Transceiver

    HPT 5000 and 7000 USBL Positioning and Telemetry Transceiver

    • Use it with Ranger 2 USBL and Marksman LUSBL
    • Can also be used to harvest data from AMTs, Fetch, PIES…
    • Hemispherical or directional arrays to suit your vessel
  • Mini-ROVNav - ROV Transceiver

    Mini-ROVNav 6 – ROV Transceiver (LBL)

    • Use it with Fusion 6G LBL
    • Perfect when ROV space is limited
    • USBL mode for emergency relocation 
  • Nano AvTrak 6 OEM thumb

    Nano AvTrak 6 OEM – Integrated AUV and ROV Tracking

    • Miniature size for fitting in small AUVs or ROVs
    • Standard 6G command language to allow easy migration from AvTrak 6 to Nano AvTrak 6 and vice versa
    • Operating range typically up to 995 m