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  • Scout USBL - Underwater Tracking

    Scout USBL – Underwater Tracking System

    • Ideal for tracking scuba divers and small ROVs
    • Completely portable; use it on any boat
    • No experience of acoustics needed 
  • Sentinel IDS Diver Detection

    Sentinel IDS Diver Detection Sonar System

    • Detects divers approaching your marine asset 
    • Perfect for yachts, harbours and waterside facilities 
    • Rapidly deployed for instant protection 
  • smart-product-shot

    SMART – Subsea Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology

    • Use it to monitor, analyse and report sensor data 
    • Perfect for long term asset integrity monitoring applications
    • Suitable for short or long term monitoring campaigns 
  • Solstice - AUV side scan sonar

    Solstice – AUV Side Scan Sonar System

    • Suitable for low-logistic AUVs
    • Low power ensures long missions
    • Ultra-high resolution
  • SIPS - Streamer Positioning

    Streamer Positioning System – SIPS 2

    • Know where your towed streamers are at all times
    • Uses ‘clip on’ acoustic transceivers 
    • Collects hundreds of positions in a single shot 
  • Subsea Data Logger

    Subsea Data Logger System

    • Perfect for well appraisal campaigns 
    • ROV-deployable, easy to move between wells
    • Can be interfaced to wide range of down hole gauges 
  • tsunami-detection-product-shot

    Tsunami Detection System

    • All-in-one solution for detecting tsunamis 
    • 2 year service interval with lithium battery
    • Detects waves as small as 3cm in height
  • Shallow Water and Transition Zone Positioning

    TZ/OBC – Shallow Water and Transition Zone Positioning System

    • Lets you position thousands of nodes in real-time
    • Operational in 1 to 500 metres water 
    • Uses low cost acoustic transponders