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  • noas-product-shot

    NOAS – Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar System

    • Reduces the risk of underwater collisions and groundings 
    • Perfect for commercial, military, cruise and private vessels 
    • Suitable for new-build or retro fit
  • Diver Detection Sonar -Sentinel

    Sentinel Diver Detection Sonar Head

    • Man-portable, lees than 36kg in air
    • Up to 900 metre diver detection range
    • Flexible deployment options
  • Sentinel IDS Diver Detection

    Sentinel IDS Diver Detection Sonar System

    • Detects divers approaching your marine asset 
    • Perfect for yachts, harbours and waterside facilities 
    • Rapidly deployed for instant protection 
  • Sentinel Sonar Topside

    Sentinel Sonar Topside

    • Ruggedized COTS Based Processing
    • Standard 19″/482.6 mm IEC 60297 Rack Mounting
    • Performs Correlation, Beamforming and Tracking Processes
  • sentry-ims-product-shot

    Sentry Integrity Monitoring Sonar

    • 360 degree, high volume coverage from a single point
    • Localises integrity breaches at the time of detection
    • Sensitive to small leaks at ranges in excess of 500 metres
  • Solstice - AUV side scan sonar

    Solstice – AUV Side Scan Sonar System

    • Suitable for low-logistic AUVs
    • Low power ensures long missions
    • Ultra-high resolution
  • Sonar Deployment

    Sonar Frames and Loudhailer (Sentinel IDS)

    • Designed for Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar security system
    • Options for temporary and permanent deployments
    • Non-lethal loudhailer warns intruders away