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  • 6G Battery App

    6G Battery Life Estimator App

  • CASIUS USBL Calibration

    CASIUS USBL Calibration

    • Use it to verify the performance of your Ranger USBL 
    • Calculates sensors offsets used by the system
    • Calibrates your USBL to remove systematic biase
  • Connect Subsea Metrology Software

    Connect Subsea Metrology Software

    • Popular for metrology campaigns 
    • Streamlines entire process saving you hours of time 
    • Expert settings reduces your workload
  • Janus – QC and INS post-processing Software

    Janus – QC and INS post-processing Software

    • QC and post-processing software for SPRINT 
    • Allows quick and easy data editing and optimisation
    • Provides cm-level dynamic navigation  
  • monitor-product-shot

    Monitor – Autonomous Monitoring & Reporting Software

    • Controls and configures your autonomous monitoring projects
    • Designed for use with Dunker 6, AMTs and Fetch transponders
    • Allows you to check equipment status in real-time
  • Sensorview - Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    Sensorview – Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    • Streams data from your 6G instruments 
    • Perfect for structure monitoring applications 
    • Configurable displays; see what you want to see
  • ViewPoint product

    ViewPoint – Subsea Navigation Tool

    • The perfect add-on for your Ranger 2 system
    • Allows clients and crew to remotely monitor USBL operations
    • Supports unlimited number of remote stations