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  • ams

    Autonomous Monitoring System

    • Recommended for long endurance surveys
    • Up to six years continuous deployment 
    • Recover your data with a ship, AUV or ASV
  • bluecomm-product

    BlueComm Underwater Optical Communication

    • Use it to stream video and control vehicles 
    • Data rates of up to 500 Mbps achievable 
    • Compatible with your subsea Ethernets 
  • Buoy Positioning Transponder

    Buoy Positioning Transponder

    • Real time diagnostics available on ranges to enable quality control
    • Rugged mechanics and connectors
    • Integrated modem capability for data download from  AMT/Fetch products
  • Fetch Subsea Sensor Logging Node

    Fetch – Subsea Sensor Logging Node

    • Popular for environmental monitoring 
    • Long life – up to 10 years battery life
    • Easy to deploy, easy to recover 
  • Pressure Inverted Echo Sounder

    Pressure Inverted Echo Sounder (PIES)

    • Use it to measure average sound speed in the water column
    • Developed for marine seismic and ocean science applications
    • Harvest data using ROV, AUV, vessel or surface vehicle
  • Sensorview - Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    Sensorview – Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    • Streams data from your 6G instruments 
    • Perfect for structure monitoring applications 
    • Configurable displays; see what you want to see