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  • ams

    Autonomous Monitoring System

    • Recommended for long endurance surveys
    • Up to six years continuous deployment 
    • Recover your data with a ship, AUV or ASV
  • bluecomm-product

    BlueComm Underwater Optical Communication

    • Use it to stream video and control vehicles 
    • Data rates of up to 500 Mbps achievable 
    • Compatible with your subsea Ethernets 
  • Sensorview - Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    Sensorview – Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    • Streams data from your 6G instruments 
    • Perfect for structure monitoring applications 
    • Configurable displays; see what you want to see
  • sentry-ims-product-shot

    Sentry Integrity Monitoring Sonar

    • 360 degree, high volume coverage from a single point
    • Localises integrity breaches at the time of detection
    • Sensitive to small leaks at ranges in excess of 500 metres
  • smart-product-shot

    SMART – Subsea Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology

    • Use it to monitor, analyse and report sensor data 
    • Perfect for long term asset integrity monitoring applications
    • Suitable for short or long term monitoring campaigns 
  • Wave Glider Transceiver thumb

    Wave Glider Transceiver (WGT)

    • Provides acoustic link to Sonardyne subsea instruments
    • Enables direct remote data collection, monitoring and control from shore based Wave Glider operations centre
    • Installed in Wave Glider standard aft payload space