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  • AODC Emergency Transponder

    AODC Emergency Transponder

    • Use it to locate diving bells in an emergency
    • Up to 18 months listening life
    • Choice of operating channels
  • Coastal Acoustic Transponder

    Coastal Acoustic Transponder

    • Use it with Homer-Pro, ROV-Homer and Scout USBL
    • Versatile, low cost transponder for marking targets
    • Depth rated to 500 metres
  • Deep Water Beacon

    Deep Water Beacon

    • Use it with ROV-Homer to locate targets in deep water; tools, landers, strucutures…
    • Choice of depth rating; 4,000 or 12,000 metres
    • Long life battery give up to 4.5 years listening life
  • Target Relocation

    Homer-Pro Diver Target Relocation

    • Guides you straight back to underwater targets
    • Easy to use and saves dive time
    • Compatible with Association of Offshore Diving Contractors (AODC) transponders
  • mini-ranger-2-system-shot

    Mini-Ranger 2 Underwater Positioning (USBL) System

    • Perfect for tracking divers and mobile targets
    • Portable and quick to install on all boats
    • Fast position updates; up to 3 per second
  • Ranger 2  Susbea Positioning

    Ranger 2 Subsea Positioning (USBL) System

    • Recommended for deep water tracking
    • Operating range beyond 7,000 metres
    • Compatible with all DP systems
  • ROV-Homer Beacon


    • Use it to locate underwater targets; divers, instruments…
    • Simple, low cost acoustic guidance system for ROVs
    • 4,000 metre or 12,000 metre versions available
  • Scout USBL - Underwater Tracking

    Scout USBL – Underwater Tracking System

    • Ideal for tracking scuba divers and small ROVs
    • Completely portable; use it on any boat
    • No experience of acoustics needed 
  • WMT 6 - AUV and ROV Positioning

    WMT 6 – AUV and ROV Positioning (High Power)

    • Use it with Ranger 2 for deep water tracking tasks
    • High power acoustic output
    • Responder mode for fast position updates