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  • ams

    Autonomous Monitoring System

    • Recommended for long endurance surveys
    • Up to six years continuous deployment 
    • Recover your data with a ship, AUV or ASV
  • Connect Subsea Metrology Software

    Connect Subsea Metrology Software

    • Popular for metrology campaigns 
    • Streamlines entire process saving you hours of time 
    • Expert settings reduces your workload
  • Fusion 6G Long BaseLine Positioning (LBL) System

    Fusion 6G Long BaseLine Positioning (LBL) System

    • Suitable for any subsea construction and survey
    • Millimetre precision independent of water depth
    • Low risk and proven; global track record of success 
  • mini-ranger-2-system-shot

    Mini-Ranger 2 Underwater Positioning (USBL) System

    • Perfect for tracking divers and mobile targets
    • Portable and quick to install on all boats
    • Fast position updates; up to 3 per second
  • Ranger 2  Susbea Positioning

    Ranger 2 Subsea Positioning (USBL) System

    • Recommended for deep water tracking
    • Operating range beyond 7,000 metres
    • Compatible with all DP systems
  • Sensorview - Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    Sensorview – Real-Time Subsea Sensor Data

    • Streams data from your 6G instruments 
    • Perfect for structure monitoring applications 
    • Configurable displays; see what you want to see
  • sprint product thumb

    SPRINT – Subsea Inertial Navigation System

    • Popular for navigating ROVs and AUVs
    • Speeds up operations – saves you vessel time
    • Small, lightweight and easy to install
  • SPRINT-Mapper Thumb

    SPRINT-Mapper – Underwater Mobile Scanning

    • Vendor independent; works with subsea LiDAR, laser and multi-beam mapping technologies
    • Built around low-risk, field proven navigation technologies with a global track record
  • ViewPoint product

    ViewPoint – Subsea Navigation Tool

    • The perfect add-on for your Ranger 2 system
    • Allows clients and crew to remotely monitor USBL operations
    • Supports unlimited number of remote stations