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  • mini-ranger-2-system-shot

    Mini-Ranger 2 Underwater Positioning (USBL) System

    • Perfect for tracking divers and mobile targets
    • Portable and quick to install on all boats
    • Fast position updates; up to 3 per second
  • obn-product-shot

    Ocean Bottom Node System

    • Ideal for positioning nodes in up to 3,000 metres
    • Gives you the repeatability you need 
    • High update rate maximises deployment speed
  • sprint product thumb

    SPRINT – Subsea Inertial Navigation System

    • Popular for navigating ROVs and AUVs
    • Speeds up operations – saves you vessel time
    • Small, lightweight and easy to install
  • Shallow Water and Transition Zone Positioning

    TZ/OBC – Shallow Water and Transition Zone Positioning System

    • Lets you position thousands of nodes in real-time
    • Operational in 1 to 500 metres water 
    • Uses low cost acoustic transponders