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  • 6G Battery App

    6G Battery Life Estimator App

  • Lander thumb

    Argus Lander – Subsea Video Monitoring and Telemetry

  • OBC _ LRT Deck Unit

    Command Unit (LRT, LAT, OBC, Coastal Transponders)

    • Works with LRT, LAT, OBC and Costal transponders
    • Use it to test and configure before deployments 
    • Portable and rugged
  • Deck Test Unit - Transponders

    Deck Test Unit (5G Transponders)

    • Use it to test and configure your 5G transponders
    • Designed for Compatt 5, DPT 5 and WSM 5 transponders
    • Portable and rugged
  • Transceiver Deployment Equipment

    Deployment Machines – Vessel (USBL, Modem, Sentinel)

    • Allows you deploy instruments from your vessel with maximum performance
    • Designed for Ranger 2, Marksman, Modem and Sentinel systems
    • Choice of through-hull, through-tube and over-the-side designs
  • ethernet-serial-hub-product-shot

    Ethernet Serial Hub (ESH)

    • Use it with Mini-Ranger 2 
    • Integral GNSS with SBAS
    • Optional Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Floatation Collars

    Floatation collars (Compatt 6, DPT 6, AMT, PIES)

    • Use it to recover seabed transponders without ROV intervention
    • Choice of shapes to suit application and environment
    • Available in 1,000, 3,000, 5,000 and 7,000 metre depth ratings
  • Heavy Duty Release Frames

    Heavy Duty Release Frames (ORT, DORT, WRT 6)

    • Comptaible with ORT, DORT and WRT 6
    • Extends WLL to up to 15 Tonnes
    • Heavier load frames available on request
  • iRelease thumbnail

    iRelease – Transponder Release Equipment

    • Handheld battery powered highly portable design
    • Splash-proof and rugged
    • Used in conjunction with a LCU to operate ORTs