SapuraAcergy will become the first company in South East Asia to take advantage of the benefits available from Sonardyne’s new 6G® (Sixth Generation) acoustic positioning technology. The subsea engineering and installation contractor has taken delivery of over one million pounds (sterling) (US $1.55 million) worth of 6G® products from Sonardyne for use in projects in South East Asia.

SapuraAcergy will be upgrading its conventional and deepwater construction vessel, Sapura 3000. The vessel’s existing Sonardyne Ranger Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning system will be upgraded to the latest Ranger 2 standard that interfaces with the new 6G® product range. In addition to the upgrade, Sonardyne is trialling its Lodestar subsea Inertial Navigation System on the Sapura 3000’s ROV system to improve pipe touch-down monitoring. Over the next two years, SapuraAcergy will, use the 6G® equipment for precise positioning of structures and pipelines on projects in South East Asia.

The new range of Sonardyne 6G® products has been developed to produce innovative navigation, positioning and communications solutions for a wide range of subsea operations. With the arrival of 6G®, Sonardyne has advanced its extremely successful ultra-wide bandwidth signal architecture to Wideband 2, offering significantly improved ranging and telemetry performance. Users now benefit from systems that are faster, easier to set up and operate and more robust even in the most challenging subsea operating environments. These features will improve the efficiency of field development projects, allow simultaneous subsea operations and reduce vessel time thereby generating cost savings for owners.

In one major project, the first stage of subsea operations will be to install a Long BaseLine (LBL) navigation network on the seabed to cover the in-field construction area. The network will consist of Compatt 6 transponders that will support the installation of all structures, the laydown of flowlines and subsequent pipeline metrology activities with the highest accuracy independent of water depth. Sonardyne’s Survey Support Group has already assisted SapuraAcergy in planning the transponder network using specialist software designed to calculate the optimum location for each transponder on the seabed. This ensures that there is maximum acoustic coverage and network strength and that the project’s stringent positioning requirements are met in the most efficient way possible using the available subsea hardware.

Compatt 6 transponders are central to the new Sonardyne 6G® product range. Their integrated communications and navigation technology allows them to be used as a multi-purpose modem, autonomous data logger and navigation reference transponder. The Compatt 6s will be commanded using high power, long range ROVNav 6 transceivers installed on the ROVs operating in the field. ROVNav 6s are also USBL responders so they can be tracked using the new Ranger 2 system on the Sapura 3000.

Commenting on the order, Richard Binks, Sonardyne’s offshore business director said: “The flexibility offered by Sonardyne 6G® is applicable to all subsea positioning tasks and since its launch early in 2010, has been met with a very positive response from the offshore industry. Companies like SapuraAcergy have been quick to recognise the long-term benefits of the advanced technology for their projects in South East Asia and their order is a major milestone for Sonardyne and confidence in 6G® systems.”

Note to Editors:

6G® and Sonardyne Wideband® 2 are registered trademarks of Sonardyne International Ltd.

Sonardyne is based in Yateley, Hampshire, UK with regional operating subsidiaries in Singapore, Houston, Aberdeen and Brazil. The company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of underwater acoustic positioning, inertial navigation, subsea communications and sonar technology systems for the offshore oil and gas, ocean scientific and maritime security industries.

SapuraAcergy is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company is a leading engineering and construction contractor for the regional offshore oil & gas industry and is an equal partnership between SapuraCrest Petroleum Berhad, Malaysia’s leading oil & gas services contractor and Acergy, a global leader in subsea engineering and installation.