Are you a US or Canadian non-profit academic organization? If so, you qualify for substantial discounts on a wide range of Sonardyne technologies.

You’ve worked hard to win research money. We can help you make the most of it with our Academic Discount Partnership agreement. 

Our Academic Discount Partnership - or ADP - recognizes important work undertaken by academic and oceanographic institutions like yours in furthering our understanding of the oceans. How? By making sure you have access to the best available underwater technology at prices not available to the commercial or defense sector. No catches. No surprises. Just cheaper. 

How Much Could You Save?

Kim Swords is our Houston-based Senior Applications Engineer for Ocean Science. Why not get in touch with her to discuss your next project and what discount you can qualify for?

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We Help You Navigate, Track, Measure, Monitor, Release, Observe

From  the littoral zone, to the deepest oceans on Earth, Sonardyne technology is at work with organizations like yours, helping to maximise science time and collect top quality data. 

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Over $3 Million In Equipment Discounts Awarded…And Counting

In the time that our ADP scheme has been running, we’ve offered discounts to qualifying organizations totalling more than $3 million. How much could you save on your next program? 

Your data, where you want, when you want

Marine science expeditions are changing - safer, greener, more efficient. Whatever equipment you’re deploying in the water, and from whatever platform - manned or autonomous - we have the tools to communicate with it, position it, navigate it and recover it. 

Ranger 2 Family page

USBL Systems

Secret #1

Our Ranger 2 family of USBL systems can track your targets in just a few meters to over 10 kilometers.

DVL Family


Secret #2

Standalone DVLs or hybrid navigators – now with integrated ADCP functionality at no extra cost.

RT 6 Family

Acoustic Releases

Secret #3

Deploy, track and recover your valuable sensor packages – long life and now compatible with Ranger 2 USBLs.


Secret #1

Whether you need to track a manned-sub or diver, there’s a beacon available to meet any job.

Modem Family


Secret #2

Long range acoustic and high bandwidth optical modems safely and wirelessly deliver your data.  

Fetch Subsea Sensor Logging Node

Sustained Observations 

Secret #3

Planning a decade-long study? Fetch, AMT and SMART can measure, store and analyse multiple parameters. 

2G Robotics
WHOI Ranger 2 Neil Armstrong
Modem 6 Midi in use
Nekton Project


David Chadwell, Research Geophysicist at the Marine Physics Laboratory at Scripps is using Fetch AZAs to study plate tectonics. He says, “Seafloor geodesy is poised to be transformative. It will allow for a broad community of existing and next-generation earth scientists to study active deformation on the seafloor.”



MBARI’s deep-rated remotely operated vehicles Ventana and Doc Ricketts use Ranger 2 USBL and SPRINT INS to improve the accuracy, precision and integrity of positioning in water depths up to 13,000 feet. This helps strengthen the value of the observations and data gathered.



The Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility (CSSF) uses Syrinx DVL to help navigate ROPOS, a Work-class ROV. Speaking in 2016 after the first mission, Vincent Auger, IT and Navigation Manager at CSSF said, “Syrinx coped with the challenge very well and demonstrated reliable bottom lock throughout the mission.”



 The University of Rhode Island are monitoring disruptive loop currents in the Gulf of Mexico using PIES. Program Director, Professor Kathleen Donohue, says, “Sonardyne’s technical expertise in underwater acoustics, signal processing, hardware design and custom engineering are key components of the instrumentation being deployed in this project.”


Same Sonardyne Advice, Service and Support. Just Greater Value

Just because you’ve qualified for the ADP scheme, doesn’t mean we treat you any differently to our commercial, defense and industrial clients. That means expert application advice, installation, training and around the clock support.


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