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AMT Shell Brunei

Sonardyne supplies custom engineered autonomous monitoring system for Brunei Shell Petroleum

DP workshop

DP sensors workshop success continues in Singapore


Bibby Offshore invests in Sonardyne SPRINT INS for ROV operations

triple redundant DP

Triple-redundant dynamic positioning with Sonardyne Marksman DP-INS

Fetch Tsunami

Fetching tsunami data – Sonardyne, Liquid Robotics and NOAA collaborate on ocean observation project


Sonardyne launches yacht collision avoidance system at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show


HidroMares homes in on sensor data with Sonardyne acoustic positioning


15 hours saved using Lodestar GyroCompatt for acoustic metrology

Ranger 2 De Beers

Flawless positioning for De Beers Marine with Sonardyne Ranger 2 GyroUSBL

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