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Our media resources library contains images of our some of our technologies, activities around the world and our logo. Sonardyne International Ltd retains the rights to all photos and logos used on this website. Images can be downloaded for journalistic purposes only. Any images used must be credited as “Courtesy Sonardyne International Ltd.” Use of other images from this web site is prohibited without the written consent of Sonardyne International Ltd. Our YouTube channel offers a regularly updated collection of Sonardyne videos, including our ‘How To’ series.


Take a look at some of our videos below. For more from us, you can check out our YouTube channel.

Scout USBL

Tsunami Detection System

AvTrak 6

Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar

Nano Transponder Overview


SPRINT-Nav Overview

Syrinx DVL Overview

Pressure Inverted Echo Sounder Overview

Sentinel Diver Detection Sonar Overview

WSM 6+ - USBL Positioning Transponder Overview

Solstice - AUV Side Scan Sonar

Product Images

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Compatt 6

Gyro Compatt 6


HPT 3000

HPT 7000


Syrinx DVL

WSM 6+

Nano Transponder

SPRINT-Nav 500

Micro-Ranger Transceiver

Products in the field

Acoustic Release


Compatt 6 LBL Array

Dunker 6

Gyro Compatt 6

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Facility

NOAS Display


ROV Control Room

ROV Deployment

SMART Transponders

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