Sonardyne International Ltd.’s latest round of subsea technology workshops were attended by over 100 offshore industry professionals including oil company representatives, hydrographic surveyors, subsea engineers and asset managers. Held over three days at the AECC conference centre in Aberdeen, the workshops focused on the application of Sonardyne’s inertial navigation, acoustic positioning, and remote monitoring technologies to maximise efficiencies across the full range of Life of Field operations.

Delivered by members of Sonardyne’s Survey Support Group (SSG), the workshop stream focussed on Sonardyne’s acoustically-aided inertial navigation technology and, in particular LBL-aided INS, which generated high levels of interest with attendees gaining valuable insight into the operational considerations that need to be planned for and the types of projects that it will benefit. Attendees were also presented with positioning scenarios typically encountered in offshore construction survey operations and shown how to select and configure the most suitable system. This was supported with real world examples of the technologies in action.

“It is always good to attend this kind of seminar as they help to refresh and familiarise ourselves with new products and methods being developed by vendors such as Sonardyne. I was fascinated by the presentation of real world offshore applications and results and will definitely be attending future Sonardyne workshops. It was a day well spent.”

project manager from a leading survey construction company

“Regular free workshops are just one of the ways in which we show our commitment to ensuring users get the best performance from their investment in our technology. Workshops provide the ideal platform for equipment users and specifiers to come together and discuss the latest subsea techniques and technologies that can influence the way in which future subsea operations are conducted, whilst reducing risk and saving time.”

Peter Major, Survey Manager at Sonardyne