Oceans’ 16 – Monterey

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19 September 9am • 2016
23 September 5pm • 2016
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Monterey Conference Center
One Portola Plaza
United States of America

Oceans’ 16 – Monterey, CA. USA

We’re heading to Monterey for Oceans 16 to meet up with the growing community of scientists who rely on our low-risk underwater technologies to unlock the full value of their coastal and deep ocean data.

We hope to meet you there on Booth 305, where will be able to show you new solutions for tracking divers and vehicles, locating seabed equipment, deploying landers and retrieving moorings. Solutions such as SPRINT-Syrinx, an all-in-one INS and DVL system for ROVs, Modem Micro and BlueComm – easy to use instruments for wirelessly sending your data, and Mini-Ranger 2, a USBL tracking system that’s both portable and quick to install, complimented by Nano, our smallest ever transponder.