Tim Moore, Operations Director

Tim Moore

Operations Director

Tim is one of the longest serving members of Sonardyne’s Board, having served on it as Operations Directors from 2006.

With a background in industrial and commercial manufacturing, Tim joined Sonardyne in 1999 as Production Engineering Manager, tasked initially with driving the company to achieve ISO9001 and then with overseeing the expansion of assembly lines at the company’s new Ocean House headquarters facility. 

The flexibility and commitment of Tim and his team has played a significant part in allowing production output to grow to meet the increased sales demand and nine years ago, he was promoted to his current position. 

As well as balancing the pressures of current demand, one of Tim’s key responsibilities is to maintain forward vision, ensuring the business invests globally in resources to meet the next phase of sustainable growth. In the last four years, Tim has guided the expansion of Sonardyne’s UK headquarters site which now comprises three buildings and over 100,000 square feet of space dedicated to manufacturing, testing, research and servicing.

Tim has a Bachelor’s degree Mechanical Engineering.