Avtrak 6 (8220) – except Avtrak 6 HP variants (including 8220-9902, 8220-9906, 8220-9907, 8220-9910)
WMT 6 (8190)
Mini ROVNav 6 (8240)

This release coincides with the release of the Marine Robotics Pack for Marksman/Ranger 2 (all variants) v4.06.02 (SF18-005).  The Robotics packs provides the capability for SMS telemetry tracking for up to 10 targets with the provision for automatic SMS message retrieval and regular small status updates.

This firmware upgrade is required to use SMS telemetry tracking for Avtrak 6 and WMT variants. 

AvTrak 6/Mini-ROVNav 6/WMT 6 Firmware v3.09.00.14 Release Notification