Robust, fast and accurate

Placing a subsea structure on the seabed requires highly accurate, robust real-time monitoring of the positions and motion of the structure with respect to a specified seabed target. The task needs to be completed efficiently due to the high day rate cost of structure installation vessels. At the same time, the solution must provide absolutely correct information as structures cannot be, or will incur massive costs, if they need to be raised and re-positioned.

any structure, any size

There are various types of structure that are installed on the seabed in the oil and gas market ranging from anchors, drilling templates, pipeline spools and jumper and manifolds. Although all are different, the installation method remains largely the same.

High accuracy is a requirement

Any offshore project will require the positon of structures to be known to within a metre accuracy and with a known pitch, roll and heading often to within a couple of degrees. This can be very challenging when you are working in several kilometres of water depth.