MRAMS (Marine Riser Angle Monitoring System) is a high accuracy solution for monitoring the differential angle between a drilling riser and BOP in order to reduce excessive wear on wellheads. Designed for use from both dynamically positioned (DP) and moored drilling rigs, MRAMS utilises our low risk, field proven 6G hardware and Wideband acoustic technology to maintain an uninterrupted wireless data link between a rig and BOP, even in high noise environments typically associated with drilling operations.


Our riser profiling system provides a wireless real-time vertical profile of water current speed and direction, and the temperature and inclination of risers deployed from drilling or production vessels. The system can be used standalone, integrated within a Marksman acoustic position reference system, or with a third-party integrated monitoring system.

Using SMART or DPTi 6 transponders wirelessly mounted along the length of the riser, current profiling, high accuracy pressure and temperature data and control inputs for local strain gauge sensors can be provided. Topside software makes changing monitoring regimes easy. When SMARTs are being used, on-board processed data can be efficiently and wirelessly transmitted to a surface transceiver.


The flexibility and choice offered by our family of subsea asset monitoring instruments is matched by an equally impressive range of topside instruments that are available to suit any operational scenario. We regularly supply command and control surface equipment for use on vessels-of-opportunity, where it might be installed and removed in a relatively short space of time; permanently on rigs and production platforms; unmanned surface vessels, ROVs or even resident AUVs.