Covering a 360° field of view, with a detection coverage radius up to 1,200 metres, the deepwater rated Sentry Integrity Monitoring System (IMS) can detect leaks of mono-phase gas down to 0.1 litre per minute (equivalent to around 1 barrel of oil per day) or mono-phase oil to 1 litre per minute (or roughly 10 barrels of oil per day). Once installed, Sentry is capable of monitoring over one billion cubic feet of seawater.

Two configurations of Sentry are available. Mounted on a lander, Sentry-W connects into your asset’s existing power and communication seafloor infrastructure. It will run autonomously providing alerts only when its on-board processing has ascertained a positive detection and classification of a leak. Remote access onshore is configurable for multiple users.

Where no infrastructure is available, Sentry-B – a standalone battery operated system – can be lander-deployed, complete with subsea data processing. At pre-set intervals, or where a leak event is detected, summary data is transmitted using a 6G acoustic modem to a surface transceiver for onward transmission to shore via radio or satellite. Surface transceivers and satellite communications systems can be mounted on a moored buoy, integrated into an unmanned surface vehicle (USV), or positioned over-the-side of a vessel, rig or floating production system.


For inspecting greater lengths of subsea asset, such as trunk pipelines, our compact yet high performance Solstice multi-aperture sonar (MAS) can be integrated into an AUV to provide detection and location of any containment losses of oil or gas. Solstice contains a powerful automatic target recognition (ATR) algorithm that to the surface.


Containment failure at an offshore carbon capture and storage (CCS) site, while viewed as highly unlikely, is of significant concern to regulatory bodies, operators and environmental groups. We have developed the capability to detect and monitor any leakage at high risk locations using a combined passive sonar and chemical sensing lander, plus an active sonar lander to deliver sensitive and reliable automated leak detection capability across wide areas.