Our Acoustic BOP Control System allows a well to be remotely shut-in by means of a high security, through-water wireless acoustic communications link using our award-winning 6G acoustic telemetry.

Available in either single or dual redundant configurations, the Acoustic BOP Control System consists of surface and subsea control equipment, connected wirelessly. During an emergency situation, system components installed on the BOP are remotely activated from a control room on the rig or using a portable command system deployed from a lifeboat, support vessel or ROV.

On the surface, the rack-mounted or portable command unit acts as the user interface, connected to a hull-mounted or over-the-side transceiver. Subsea, intelligent Deep Acoustic Remote Transceivers (DARTs) are cabled to a subsea electronics module (SEM). The SEM can also be supplied in either single or dual form to avoid a single point failure.


Our capping stack acoustic monitoring system consists of a SEM, connected to a deep rated subsea junction box, which in-turn powers and connects to dual pressure and temperature (P/T) sensors on the capping stack. A DART, connected to the SEM, wirelessly transmits the sensor data to a sea surface transceiver.

At the surface, a Dunker 6 transceiver, deployed over the side of a vessel or rig, receives the sensor data to a Portable Command Unit (PCU), which provides the user interface and enables onward transmission of the data to third-party control systems. To increase the working life of the DARTs, an extended housing containing additional batteries can be supplied.