Your wells, pipelines, risers, drill ships and floating production facilities. All of these subsea and surface assets require continuous structural monitoring to understand their condition, to prevent failure and to maximise their operational life. The engineering challenges involved are considerable; depth, temperature, motion, power, data and communication – but they are challenges we help clients solve daily with our low risk and trusted solutions. All of which come with the backing of our global support network.

Low Risk. High Reliability. Fit For Purpose

The aim of monitoring is to ensure the safe operation of subsea assets. This is based on developing an understanding of how subsea structures and assets are responding to loadings and enabling faults to be detected at an early stage. In-situ real-time data measured by the monitoring systems allow structures to be analysed to determine whether their integrity is being jeopardised. This in-turn helps to decide on the potential interventions which may need to be performed in the future. Asset monitoring can also allow optimisation of production efficiency, savings on periodic inspections and to facilitate proactive maintenance regimes, whilst extending service life safely.

Our expertise ranges from autonomous monitoring of subsea assets such as pipelines, spool pieces and other large infrastructure, for accumulated fatigue or walking, creeping or buckling purposes, to safety critical control systems mounted on Blowout Preventers (BOPs), to the detection, classification and localisation of hydrocarbon leaks, mooring line monitoring and riser angle monitoring.

Our subsea hardware is engineered to withstand the enormous pressures of the deepest oil field; our digital wideband communication signals can penetrate the hostile acoustic environment surrounding well heads to transfer your data quickly and reliably to the surface; and our battery powered, low power sensors can remain continuously deployed for more than a decade.

Custom Engineering

In many cases, production systems, subsea infrastructure, vessels and mooring and operating environments are unique. That’s why we’ll work with you even before you procure equipment to fully understand your needs. And where standard off-the-shelf products cannot meet your specific space, weight, depth and functionality demands, we have the know-how and in-house resources to design, test and manufacture customised solutions on time and on budget.

Subsea Asset Monitoring Brochure