Ship Systems

More than 300 commercial, scientific, naval and private vessels rely on our marine technologies to position, navigate, track, communicate and protect. Whether you are a vessel owner, fleet operator, shipyard, bridge integrator or naval architect, our acoustic, sonar, inertial and optical technologies, can help extend your vessel’s capability, improve its efficiency and reduce your operational risk.


From our origins in the North Sea in the early 1970s, innovation and performance has maintained our reputation for technical leadership, and today we have an unrivalled portfolio of vessel-based and complementary sub-surface technologies that can support many different types of operation.

Our capabilities include acoustic and inertial position reference sensors for vessels equipped with dynamic positioning (DP) systems, high-grade gyrocompasses, imaging sonars for detecting navigation hazards and underwater intruders and systems for tracking and communicating with subsea vehicles and instruments deployed from the surface.


We are a vertically integrated company with research, production, testing, compliance, distribution and support all under one roof.

In many cases, vessels, underwater systems and operating environments are unique. So where standard off-the-shelf equipment is not suitable, we have the know-how and in-house resources to design, test and manufacture highly reliable, fit-for-purpose customised solutions on time and on budget. Then, we’re there around the clock to install, train and maintain.

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