Everything you need 

Seismic nodes are often placed individually by ROV when deployed in water depths up to 3,000 metres or when they must be located close to seabed infrastructure where interconnecting ropes or cables are not permitted. In this instance, our survey grade ROV positioning system provides you with everything you need to quickly determine the locations of multiple ROVs operating in tandem from one surface vessel and therefore enable nodes to be placed in their correct pre-plot locations with unprecedented accuracy.

Fast and High Accuracy Positioning

Marine seismic companies strive to maximise the efficiency of acquisition operations by ensuring nodes are deployed to their correct seabed locations by ROV as quickly as possible so that active shooting can commence. In deeper water, the range between the vessel and ROV on the seabed can be substantial but the positional accuracy requirements typically remain high.

The ROV must remain stationary during the deployment of each node until sufficient position information is generated to provide confidence that the node has been deployed in the right place. Therefore selection of the most appropriate subsea positioning system is key to ensuring the ROV can minimise the amount of stationary time required and maximise the rate of node deployments.

Fully Integrated System

A fully integrated navigation and positioning system, comprising vessel-based USBL and AHRS equipment which is tightly coupled with the acoustic transponder, Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) equipment mounted on the ROV,  is a must if node positioning performance is to be maximised.

Selecting a turn-key solution from a single supplier like Sonardyne ensures all the equipment has been designed to operate seamlessly together without the operational risk, cost and delays often caused by interfacing several independent systems together offshore.