Understanding our ocean environments, how they are evolving and the impact of human activity on them is not limited to deep ocean research.
Shallow and coastal waters are where the majority of human activity is in our seas and oceans. In these areas, small ROVs and AUVs are increasingly being used in addition to divers for science research.

The ability to track and communicate with them is key, as here scientists are for precise geolocation data and samples or for marking out sites of interest, such as marine archaeology or botany.
In these areas, researchers may be working from a rib and in rough weather. Equipment needs to be portable, easy to use and able to work with anything from just a single VideoRay ROV to tracking and communicating with multiple divers or AUVs.

Our Mini-Ranger 2 and Micro-Ranger 2 systems, which are supported by our sixth generation (6G) and wideband 2 digital signal technology, are compact, user friendly and can track multiple assets from a vessel opportunity.