For scientists and researchers, the world’s seas and oceans contain a vast plethora of objects and features that they would like to find and then relocate as part of their work.

They need to be able to search for and then relocate objects or mark out features, from archaeological sites and wrecks to coral or black smokers in the deep ocean. In some circumstances, a search team may also be looking for lost black boxes, containing flight data and cockpit voice recordings, in the event of an aircraft lost over water.

Sonardyne has a range of tools for searching and then relocating objects in the oceans. Our Solstice Multi Aperture Sonar (MAS) provides class leading imagery for this type of sonar, while compact acoustic transponders and Deep Water Beacons offer easy to use relocate tools, which can mark many targets at one site with individual codes for unambiguous site marking. These can then be easily found with our hand-held and ROV-deployed Homer-Pro or ROV-Homer devices.

We also have systems to underpin the latest underwater laser, LiDAR and multi-beam technologies.