An increasing number of unmanned and autonomous underwater platforms are entering the ocean space as researchers and explorers seek ways to cover larger and more remote areas in ever more detail and with less risk to people.

Over the horizon communications and system endurance has improved significantly, which means vehicles can operate unaided for days, weeks and even months at a time.
To be able to operate these assets for long periods of time, high levels of reliability and trust in your positioning systems are needed and one size does not fit all.

Our attitude heading reference systems and inertial navigation systems, Lodestar AHRS and SPRINT, improve the speed and efficiency of ROV and AUV operations. With aiding from our Syrinx DVL, or SPRINT-Nav, our combined Syrinx DVL and SPRINT INS, a pressure sensor, USBL or LBL, performance can be even further improved.

Communication with unmanned systems is also crucial, for tracking, but also data harvesting and mission updates. Our AvTrak 6 transceiver offers a versatile instrument that can act as a transponder, transceiver and telemetry link in one low power unit. Used with our Ranger 2 family of USBL systems, it can track swarms of AUVs, with an ability to communicate individually with each vehicle in the swarm.