Our oceans and the life in them operate and evolve over decadal timescales; understanding them means being able to observe and measure for months if not years at a time.

For the data these instruments collect to be robust, these sensors need to be accurately placed, they need enough power to keep them going for years or even decades, and they need to be reliable over that timeframe.

Data recovery, as and when it is needed and in the format that will be most valuable to the researchers seeking it, is also vitally important. This could be in near real-time, using our 6G acoustic modems, which, via a surface communications gateway, allows data to be transmitted anywhere in the world. Or, scientists may require full resolution data, which means retrieving sensors easily, using our acoustic release transponders.

Today’s use of unmanned surface vessels, which can stay at sea for months, also means that there is now the option to gather large amounts of data via unmanned underwater vehicles and transfer it to a manned or unmanned surface vessel via our BlueComm high bandwidth optical modem.

Sensors can stay subsea for longer and scientists can get the data they need, faster and more efficiently.