Remote, resident, autonomous or hybrid. However your unmanned surface or underwater robotic platform is configured, ensure each and every mission is a success by equipping it with Sonardyne. Our acoustic, sonar, inertial and optical technologies are the preferred choice of vehicle manufacturers, commercial organisations, research organisations and the military. Why? because they extend operational capability, can be adapted to meet any need, and come with the backing of our global support network.

Going deep, doing more

Unmanned marine robotic platforms open the door to new possibilities across all marine sectors. Tethered Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) allow offshore oil and gas fields to be safely and economically constructed. And with the advent of resident vehicles that live permanently on the seafloor, maintaining and servicing critical seafloor infrastructure can now be controlled from onshore control rooms located anywhere in the world.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) carry out multi-faceted missions
considered too dangerous, too remote or too deep for divers, towfish and ROVs. They’re used to explore, map and monitor our oceans and when used in co-operation with Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs), provide surveyors, scientists and the military with a valuable force multiplier.

One size doesn’t fit all

Each day, marine robotic platforms are becoming more useful, more reliable and more capable. However, one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why our subsea technologies have been designed to be compatible with vehicles of all sizes and capabilities; from micro AUVs to extra-large AUVs, and everything in between.

Fit for purpose

Whether operating on the surface or down at 4,000 metres, one challenge all robotic platforms must overcome is the extreme operating environment. As an equipment manufacturer, we share this challenge.

Our subsea instruments are engineered to withstand the enormous pressures of the deepest oceans; our digital wideband communication signals can penetrate hostile acoustic environments to transfer your data quickly and reliably; and our low power electronics make the most economical use of the available on-board power.

Where off-the-shelf solutions need customising to meet specific space, weight, depth and functionality demands, we have the in-house capabilities to design, test and manufacture solutions that meet your needs on time, and on budget.

Marine Robotics Brochure