rapid deployment on any vessel

Naval ships anchored off the coast or berthed in ports and dockyards are difficult assets to protect because of their size and proximity to commercial shipping traffic, open shipping lanes and leisure users. Whilst physical measures such as floating barriers offer ships protection against surface attack using fast boats, divers using easily acquired scuba equipment remain a significant, yet hard-to-detect threat. 

The ability to reliably detect underwater intruders in real-time at long range is essential to providing ample time for ship security officers to react to a security breach. Vital minutes can make the difference between successful threat interception and intruders being able to deliver their attack.

Our commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) underwater security technology is in service with several navies around the world. It delivers a rapidly deployable force-protection capability with high probability detection, solid tracking performance, very low false alarm rates and long range performance – even in difficult environments like ports.