Navies worldwide are transitioning towards agile surface ships capable of rapid mobilisation with ever increasing range. Ready to join coalition flotillas and also to operate in isolation, self-preservation is vital. How to face an ever increasing range of asynchronous threats? Using the right sensor mix, our instruments can find enemy divers and unmanned vehicles intent on harm, map uncharted shallow waters and help navigate even while GPS denied. Find out which instrument is right for you.

Accurate navigation for ships is an enabler for modern navy operations. Knowing your ship’s position in real-world coordinates is necessary for modern Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems. It is also necessary for autopilots commonly found within Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) but now also found in manned ships capable of following waypoints. Navies traditionally use GPS as a reliable reference, but what happens in GPS denied environments? In Sonardyne we have developed solutions that combine acoustics and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) to provide robust navigation references even in GPS denied environments. Our instruments are available Commercially-Off-The-Shelf and can be easily integrated with your Ships Navigation system.

Tracking for Oceanographic, Salvage, Hydrographic, Dive and MCM support missions

As demand for the use of off-board assets such as Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) systems and Swimmer Delivery Systems (SDS) increases, ships need to be provided with the tools to help track them. The ability to geo-locate these assets is critical to understanding the evolving battlespace.

We offer a wide range of products and mounting solutions to meet even the most challenging requirements. Our equipment can be used on operations in a Patrol Boat of opportunity, as part of an MCM detachment tracking AUVs from the MCM-V or for deep water tracking from a Survey vessel in the deep ocean. Integrated with your Command-and-Control centre you are able to generate a picture that also offers a view of your underwater assets.