Accurate navigation for ships is an enabler for modern navy operations. Knowing your ship’s position in real-world coordinates is necessary for modern Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems. It is also necessary for autopilots commonly found within Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) but now also found in manned ships capable of following waypoints. Navies traditionally use GPS as a reliable reference, but what happens in GPS denied environments? In Sonardyne we have developed solutions that combine acoustics and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) to provide robust navigation references even in GPS denied environments. Our instruments are available Commercially-Off-The-Shelf and can be easily integrated with your Ships Navigation system.

Navigation Solutions

Should your ship enter a GPS denied environment many of its functions will be adversely affected from navigation to targeting, the job of knowing where you are drives a lot of the capability. Fear not, Sonardyne has developed a suite of SPRINT inertial instruments that can be aided by taking acoustic data from Syrinx DVL, a Doppler Velocity Log, or from beacon transponders in the seabed using Ranger 2, an Ultra Short Base Line system, to help navigate in absolute coordinates with unmatched accuracy. These solutions can feed directly to your ships guidance computers.