Close the gap in your surveillance capability by specifying the world’s most widely deployed underwater intruder detection system, Sentinel. Whether protecting a commercial harbour, naval vessel, private yacht, critical national infrastructure facility or waterside residence from the threat of attack, Sentinel is cost-effective, easy to operate and proven in all theatres of operation.

Sentinel has been specifically designed to cope with port environments, including ‘brown’ water, shallow water and tidal harbours where vessel activity results in a lot of disturbance in the water column. The system’s unique detection, classification and tracking software has been proven to operate in all environmental conditions and is capable of tracking thousands of targets in real-time, with only genuine threats raising the alarm.

Mounted in either a frame on the seabed, from a patrol boat or against a harbour wall,  Sentinel is easy to install and configure for standalone operation or seamless integration with your facility’s existing centralised security management system. Up to 10 sonar heads can be networked together offering a practical and cost-effective solution for protecting large sites where channel entrances, waterways and anchorages need to be remotely and simultaneously monitored.