As maritime defence evolves to counter new threats, new technologies are required to provide naval forces with the tools and capabilities they need to monitor their environment and alert them to potential security threats. We have an unrivalled portfolio of sonar imaging, subsea positioning and non-acoustic subsea technologies available for the most challenging underwater defence and maritime security applications.

Our defence systems are being used by navies around the world to detect, classify and deter underwater threats, as well as aiding in the navigation of ships, boats and unmanned underwater vehicles.

Our Sentinel system is the world’s most widely deployed intruder detection system. Navies use it to protect their most priced assets when deploying in foreign waters. Expeditionary Sentinel are used to rapidly deploy from shore or a vessel of opportunity. Customers also install the system to protect patrol vessels and corvettes. Permanent installations keep naval bases and choke points safe and constantly monitored.

In mine countermeasures we are providing navies with tools that help improve their percentage clearances at significantly higher tempo. Our family of Ranger 2 acoustic systems provide subsea assets with navigation updates and communications for all MCM phases starting from search-classify-map and up to the neutralisation phase. Our SPRINT systems improve AUV navigation and is used by our customers to generate more accurate maps. For improved area coverage rates, our Solstice helps man-portable UUVs achieve results comparable to larger SAS systems.

Our Sonardyne Ranger 2 family of products is used by military divers to improve their situational awareness by helping them to understand where they, and other blue-forces, are situated in the underwater battlespace.

Naval ranges use our 6G beacons and transceivers to tailor bespoke solutions using COTS. Helping them to manage costs by deploy systems temporarily ad-hoc as the needs arise.

In GPS denied environments combining SPRINT-Nav and NOAS ensures continued operations enabling ships, special forces and UUVs to navigate and avoid obstacles in the most challenging environments.

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