A leading offshore survey company recently completed an acoustic metrology project 15 hours quicker than anticipated using Lodestar GyroCompatts from Sonardyne Inc. Taking place in the Gulf of Mexico, acoustic metrology was performed on four proposed jumpers, measuring from the manifold pressure caps to the wellhead casings.

Using two GyroCompatts in conjunction with standard Compatt 6 transponders, the horizontal and vertical measurements for each jumper were calculated. Typically, the time taken for one measurement is approximately 12 hours, resulting in a total operational time for this project anticipated at 48 hours. However, using Sonardyne’s Sixth Generation (6G®) GyroCompatt technology, all metrologies were completed in just 33 hours with accurate results.

Lodestar GyroCompatt technology integrates Sonardyne’s Wideband acoustic positioning and Lodestar attitude and heading reference technology into one small, highly versatile instrument. It provides high update rate wireless attitude, heading, heave, surge, sway, pressure, sound velocity and acoustic positioning of any subsea object.

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