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Specific capabilities include:
Acoustic communications and modems
High bandwidth optical communications up to 10 million bits per second
Multi-year endurance sensors with integrated communications
Interfacing to third party sensors and control systems
Delivery of bespoke projects

Over the last three decades, Sonardyne has developed an unrivalled portfolio of acoustic and non-acoustic wireless communications technologies and systems for use in the harshest of offshore environments.

Starting with a strong pedigree in traditional acoustic communications that provide long range performance at data rates of up to 6,000 bits per second, we have recently embraced optical communications technologies that complement acoustic communications for shorter range applications where significant user bandwidth of up to 10 megabits per second is a priority or high levels of interference preclude the use of traditional acoustic technologies.

We are experts in the delivery of diverse and complex communications projects ranging from providing large arrays of wirelessly controlled seabed sensors, monitoring of safety critical positioning and control systems in and around offshore platforms and submerged structures as well as the early detection and alerting of deadly Tsunami waves that have such a devastating effect on the world’s coastlines.

Sonardyne engineers have a wealth of experience in providing the most appropriate equipment and architectures to suit each project, paying particular attention to the complexity of the communications channel through which important data must pass quickly, reliably and with maximum energy efficiency.

We regularly integrate a variety of in house and third party sensors with our communications technologies to provide complete bespoke remote monitoring solutions. This tight coupling affords our systems a high degree of reliability and effectiveness.

Acoustic Communications & Modems
Specific capabilities include:
Incorporates Sonardyne's 6G® Technology
Incorporates Sonardyne's Wideband 2® signal Technology
Flexible equipment architectures
User data rates from 100 to 6,000 bits per second
1, 3, 5 and 10km maximum range versions
Doppler tolerant up to ±10 knots
Integrated positioning (LBL, USBL and Inertial Navigation)
Wireless data hopping for significant range extension
Extremely low standby power consumption

Sonardyne is a globally renowned provider of a wide range of subsea acoustic communications systems and modems. These have been proven through years of extended use to operate reliably in the most challenging of marine environments.

Our systems perform robustly in areas of high ambient noise and reverberation caused by proximity to vessels, subsea structures, machines and ROVs. For this reason we are repeatedly called upon to provide our clients with equipment and systems where high reliability is imperative.

Our latest 6th generation (6G®) of acoustic instruments provide unprecedented levels of communications flexibility in terms of frequency, transmission power level and user data rate. These features enable us to tailor the equipment configuration to match the application as well as the prevailing acoustic conditions. High data rate modes (3,000-6,000 bits per second) can be used when the acoustic conditions are favourable to maximise communications throughput and minimise energy consumption. Lower data rate modes (100-900 bits per second) can be used when acoustic conditions are poor to ensure that important data is still transferred reliably.

We offer a wide selection of instrument designs based on our proprietary 6G® technology. These can operate in 4 individual frequency bands, comprise a variety of battery and external power configurations and provide depth ratings from 100m to >7,000m. We can include a variety of internal sensors including pressure, temperature, inclination, sound velocity and third party sensors of various types. It is also possible to adapt our instruments to ensure the final design is appropriate for its intended purpose.

Optical Communications
Specific capabilities include:
Transfer rates of 1 to 10 megabits per second
Extremely energy efficient transfer
Short range, typically 150m maximum
Suitable for deep water low ambient light and turbidity conditions
Combined optical-acoustic communications provides turnkey system
Transfer of sensor data to an ROV or surface depressor

Subsea optical communications is a unique emerging technology. It uses high power light emitting diodes as the transmitter and a receiver based on photomultiplier technology that is so sensitive it can detect light energy at the level of a few photons.

Optical communications can be used to provide ultra high dates rates in typical deep water environments where there is little or no ambient light and turbidity is minimal. It is best suited to applications where significant user bandwidth is required or high levels of ambient noise preclude the use of traditional acoustic technologies.

Sonardyne’s optical communications systems operate over short ranges of a few tens or even hundreds of metres. They therefore provide an excellent complement to traditional long range but lower data rate acoustic communications technologies.

Our combined optical and 6G acoustic systems provide high rate data extraction (uplink) coupled with low data rate command and control (downlink). They can be used for the extraction of large amounts of data from subsea sensors in a fast and energy efficient manner, or the transmission of camera imagery or even real time video.

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